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Reusable Straw

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Very effective and simple to use.
I enjoy that its compatible and comes with a carrier that I was able to put on my keychain so I have it on me when I go out in case I stop for a smoothie🥤

Sky Leann

Easy to assemble and quick to clean!
The mouth piece is a smart idea, I've been sipping from metal straws for a few years now and I gotta say, knocking your front teeth off of it is not so nice, so this is a nice swap for sure!

Felice Tacita

Fantastic product! Use it everyday and very convenient to bring around and clean after every use. Definitely recommend

Beth Currie

I met the straw only a few weeks ago and use it every time I pour a drink - milk juice water or the more finer fun beverages 🤪 cleans up in 5 seconds, can slide it in my pocket - I LOVE my straw!!!!!

Elizebeth Hackett